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A source of hope"

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“A source of strength… A source of hope" Saint Jude

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Saint Jude Care is a licensed Home Care Service Agency in California and approved by the California State Department of  Health.

Saint Jude Care concentrates on providing quality services to these areas:

¨ Los Angeles County

¨ Ventura County

¨ Orange County

¨ San Bernardino County


Saint Jude Care will give you peace of mind...

All our caregivers are bonded and insured

Upon your first call and once we receive full information about the care needed for you  and  your loved ones, we provide a caregiver suited for your level of care within 48 hours.

If, for any reason, you are not satisfied with the caregiver we sent you, we will send a replacement within 48 hours after a formal request.

Aside from providing you a perfect combination of professional and personal care you deserve, we make sure that your privacy and security is also our foremost concern and take all necessary measures and precautions to protect and preserve them.




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